Loving it

We’ve spent the time developing a speaker with all the features we wanted and we know your guests are gonna love it.

Amazon Alexa Voice Service

Amazon Alexa: Just like the Echo and Dot, all FABRIQ speakers come with Alexa built in. FABRIQ is a great alternative to guests interested in Alexa devices but looking for better style and sound

WiFi Connectivity

FABRIQ speakers stream music directly over Amazon Music, iHeartRadio,

Spotify, TuneIn and Airplay.



With built in battery power and bluetooth capability, FABRIQ goes where you go.

Big Sound

Small Footprint

There are a ton of nice sounding speakers out there already so we knew “nice” wasn’t going to cut it. We’ve specifically tuned our drivers to outperform the competition at a price that wasn’t going to break the bank.

Multi-Speaker Connectivity

Multi-Speaker Connectivity: They sound great on their own but are even better together. You can connect up to 10 FABRIQ speakers on your WiFi network for tunes that rock the house.


All this starting at $49? It wasn’t easy but we’re extremely proud of the product we’ve created. We love it and know your guests will too.

Why Riff

Riff is ideal for customers looking for a great value WiFi speaker that they can bring to the beach

Why Chorus

Chorus is ideal for music lovers who are more active users of Alexa. Pairing a Chorus with two Riffs creates a great voice activated sound system for under $200

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